BHP Billiton Petroleum

The Challenge
To recruit new employees across BHP Billiton Petroleum’s drilling and completions, engineering, geoscience, and shale sectors.

Our Thinking
To create a multimedia testimonial campaign that featured current employees in those specific divisions touting the benefits and advantages of working at BHP Billiton, showcasing the company as a global player in the oil and gas industry.

Why It Worked
Graham Group developed the tagline “BHP Billiton is exactly where I want to be” which was paired with a diverse sampling of employees’ quotes about why they enjoy their positions.  This tactic, combined with headlines focusing on the future and linking that with the BHP messaging, worked well to establish BHP Billiton as a worldwide company with resources allowing them to be competitive with the industry’s super majors.  Our team also coordinated a variety of internal events targeting existing employees in order to boost morale and encourage the referral of potential candidates.