Supreme Rice

The Challenge
To create and introduce a new rice brand for Louisiana Rice Mill. 

Our Thinking
To brand and launch the four varieties of rice that Supreme Rice offers. From the field to the mill to the table, Supreme Rice is intimately linked with the South Louisiana families who grow the rice, therefore Graham Group focused on highlighting those relationships on the product bags and in targeted creative executions.

Why It Worked
Graham Group created a strategy to not only reach consumers but to create interest in retailers through mass and targeted media outlets. We developed a multimedia campaign that paid tribute to the local farmers, touting the fact that “Every Grain is Supreme.” Retail distribution has yielded a continuous increase throughout the southern states, raising consumer awareness and promoting product purchases. Supreme Rice is out-selling many of its competitors that have a longer history in the retail market. The Facebook page has attracted close to 7,000 fans, reached over 1.3 million consumers, driven over 18,000 website page views, and encouraged over 14,000 consumers to register for an online promotion.